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Three Thanksgivings

December 6, 2014 by Kristi Knight


Sailor’s first Thanksgiving was mostly a low-key event.  After our first year in Los Angeles, we decided that it does not really make much sense to fly to Texas for essentially a very expensive three day trip (damn you, time zones and the related super late arrival times when travelling west to east!) especially considering we end up back in Texas for Christmas.  Last year, my parents came out to see us, but this year – it was just me, Blake, and a very tiny, mostly unhelpful baby.

Despite our lack of family, I was determined to have SOME SORT of meal (it would be too depressing to just eat a frozen pizza or something else equally new baby household friendly) and that Sailor would have AT LEAST ONE Thanksgiving outfit.  As it turns out, the Knight family ended up enjoying three different Thanksgiving-esque meals – which meant that I could compulsively make three different outfits!

Thanksgiving #1

For Sailor’s first Thanksgiving-esque meal, we went up to my office to enjoy a delicious pot-luck.  I was, of course, super nervous about the car ride – I was making the ever-addictive, super unhealthy bacon wrapped little smokeys (wrap some little smokeys in some bacon, roll in brown sugar, insert toothpick, bake at 350 for 30 – 45 minutes, eat, clog some arteries, die young but happy), so I started the night before, planning to pop them in the oven before we needed to leave.  I had everything ready to go about an hour before lunch started, when I realized that I couldn’t find my keys, which happens often when you drive a car approximately 1 time per week due to your daughter’s HATRED of carseats (luckily, I live in Santa Monica, where I can walk to most everything I need.)  OF COURSE, this was right during Sailor’s naptime, which wasn’t happening.  But what WAS happening, was a baby who insisted on being held OR suffer the consequences (intense crying.)

So, I ran around the apartment, searching for car keys, holding Sailor, attempting to move a million burning hot pig wrapped pigs onto a serving dish, while also fending off two small dogs who were jonesing for some little smokies.  Obviously, we left approximately 10 minutes after I was supposed to be there (that means there was an hour and ten minutes that somehow disappeared into a mix of panic and tears.)  We had to fight some Thanksgiving traffic, Sailor expressed her discontent about being strapped into a cushiony prison – but an hour after the lunch began, Sailor made her adorable appearance at Feast #1.  She was mostly well-behaved, and only insisted on public breast feeding ONE TIME!



Yes, my baby is adorable.

In case anyone cares, her dress is this pattern (Geranium Dress – size 3-6 months), made out of some old fabric from JoAnn’s (I think) and Kona Cotton.  I knit her a tiny little shrug sweater from this pattern (Entrechat – size newborn), made with retired Berroco Cotton that I have had for approximately 1 million years.  The little bow headband was made with the same yarn and this pattern (Miss Savannah Bow, adjusted slightly to make more adorable.)

Thanksgiving #2

Our second Thanksgiving was actually ON Thanksgiving Day!  Never one to scale down, I had planned a full Thanksgiving dinner, despite the fact that there was a tiny baby that, well you know, takes up time and energy, and that our meal would be eaten by only Blake, myself, and a friend – Lisa.


Sailor being so very helpful!

I woke up around 6am worried about the timing of all it (especially considering our tiny oven), so began the day by baking some potatoes and googling “how to roast a turkey.”  Good thing I didn’t buy a frozen turkey, or we would have been screwed.


We were impressed with our turkey.

Impressively,  Blake and I demonstrated some amazing teamwork (seriously, I thought I would be super stressed and therefore super short tempered, but I wasn’t!  I want to give myself an award!) and were able to combine baby watching, dinner cooking, and kitchen cleaning (Blake was mainly in charge of that last one) to have an entire dinner on the table by the time our friend arrived.


Outfit #2!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about Sailor’s “official” Thanksgiving outfit.  It was super easy to make!  Even people who don’t like to sew!  Its basically just some fabric sewed to a onesie.  I added the little belt and flower, but they aren’t necessary.  There are a million tutorials (seriously, just google “onesie dress”), but I used this one.  Fabric was some old Joel Dewberry that I have had for a billion years with a some aqua kona cotton for the belt and a little flower I bought on etsy.  I crocheted her little headband using this pattern using some old cascade wool I had leftover (notice a trend here?  This is what happens when you stockpile craft supplies – you never know the name of what you are using.)


Father and daughter Thanksgiving nap

Thanksgiving #3

Last but least, we had an official, large group Thanksgiving.  One of our friend’s fried a giant turkey, much to the delight of a number of Californians, who had never had fried turkey (and appreciated its super deliciousness.)  Being a GENIUS, I had thought ahead and made extra sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving #2, so there was barely any prep work for Blake and I!  We even had some bonus stuffing that we brought as well, which was ridiculed by the Texans at this particular dinner for not being made of cornbread (What can I say?  I might have been raised in a variety of Southern states, but those parents of mine – northerners, through and through.)


Spot Sailor!

Sailor was most excited about this outfit, because she wasn’t required to wear an impractical dress, cinched at her non-existent waist.


Oh, hi there.

Pants (not made by me)!  And a shirt (not made by me)!  AND AN AMAZING CANDY CORN HAT (made by me!)  Pattern here, using three different shades of cascade wool.

I’m pretty sure Sailor was pretty happy with her mom-made outfits.  I figure I have only a few years (months?) before she starts refusing the ridiculous things I want to put on her, so I am going all in.

I will leave you with this image.


Oh my heart.


    1. Jan says:

      Sounds like you had a very fulfilling Knight and sleep tight Thanksgiving. After all of your activity I know that I would have been sleeping well. Don’t know how you do it Kristi.

    2. Patty "GiGi" Knight says:

      Trying to sign up

    3. Emma says:

      I love what you did with the onsies dress! Kudos to you for making a big Thanksgiving dinner with a little one at home. There is no way I would have been brave enough to try such a thing.

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