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Three Months

January 4, 2015 by Kristi Knight

Little Sailor has officially been in existence for a whole year – 9 months hanging out in my tummy, followed by 3 glorious months going from a little helpless jellyfish-esque newborn to a slightly less helpless monkey-esque 3 month old.  It is amazing how much a baby can change in three little months!  I have heard the first three months referred to as the “fourth trimester” and it definitely feels like that might be true.  I have mentioned before that I think I lucked out with a reasonably easy baby but things continue to get easier and more enjoyable.  How is that even possible!  I thought she was already at the pinnacle of enjoyableness!  Does it just keep increasing in awesomeness until the kid reaches 13 years old, at which point it plummets to a new, dizzying low?


Sailor is a champ at holding her head up – I don’t really have to think about that little weeble wobble head anymore.  Sometimes she does a little bobble head move in order to get full control of the upper half of her body, but even that occurs far less frequently than before.  She also seems a lot less random in her movements – Blake and I used to joke that she was constantly conducting imaginary orchestras, but is now able to keep her arms still!  I had no idea that was even a milestone!  The ability to not move in seemingly random jerks – congrats, baby!


She smiles ALL THE TIME.  I had no idea how happy that would make me!  I personally think she is the smiliest baby that ever smiled, but I MIGHT just be a little biased.  Her little smile could cause world peace.  Seriously, people.  Someone should bring Sailor to the United Nations or something and then smile at her – she would smile and then voila.  All wars would end.  I spend approximately 99% of all my time with her attempting to get her to smile – I mean, who wouldn’t???


She is getting some meat on her bones – she has little baby arm dimples, and the best thing in the world – rubber band wrists.  She coos all the time – especially enjoying when I copy whatever noise she made back at her – apparently, that is the height of comedy.  She laughs sometimes – I assume that this will increase like smiling did until I die of cuteness.


She remains, of course, the best baby of all time.


    1. Austin says:

      What a cutie! Is that pink horse (?) stuffed animal getting smaller???

    2. pappy! says:

      I find myself grinning ear to ear while reading your blog, and looking at the pictures of Sailor. Such a joyous way to start the day!

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