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  1. I Exist!

    March 5, 2012 by Kristi Knight

    Super flattering picture of me "dancing." Which could describe 75% of the pictures of me.

    Hello, world.  I still exist!  Unfortunately, all the previous entries, typed so thoughtfully (well, probably more like “as fast as I could”) onto the previous entity of “SugarAndCaffeine” are lost forever.  There were some warning emails from internet people.  There were some forwarded warning emails from a wife to her husband.  There was some ignoring of warning emails by husband.  There was a deleted blog.  Then, of course, there was a little bit of fighting.  But alas!  It turns out things CAN be deleted on the internet, contrary to the advice of some dubiously titled “internet experts” who “advise” people on how to maintain an “online image.”  And so, here I am, two years older, and on the CUSP of yet another life change.  (Spoiler:  Not pregnant)  Now, over the past several weeks I have read quite a few superbly annoying “FAQ” style write-ups, leading me to wonder if the questions presented really, in fact, are “frequently asked” OR if (and this seems to be the most likely scenario), the writer wants to brag about themselves in a way that (they hope) will lessen the overtness of said bragging (see:  Twitter’s #Humblebrag.)  I would bet something like $50 that it is the latter, but who knows, maybe there are just hundreds of people writing to a lifestyle blogger and asking, “How DO you stay so skinny?”  or “How DO you do it all!?”  I mean, anyone who’s read internet comments knows that they primarily consist of “you make me sick.  I hope you die from cancer,” but whatever.  Grain of salt, taken.  In honor of this style of updating the hungry public on my life a whole TWO years from my last public donation to the human conversation, I present you this, my (not so) FAQ

    1)       What is happening with Blake’s MBA program?  Are you guys moving somewhere for his job?

    Yes we are!  Blake and I will be leaving Nashville and its lackluster eating options, and heading to the shiny state of California!  Los Angeles, to be exact.  Probably Santa Monica, to be exacter.  I wasn’t completely (or at all) on board with a move to Los Angeles, a place that I mostly associate with really skinny beautiful people (the worst kind), but after visiting Blake during his internship a few times, I was convinced.  Not only does LA have all the things I had been missing from a big city (that, my friend, is another blog post), BUT it also has a beach!  Crazy, right!  I didn’t really think about the whole “right next to the ocean thing” because the general consensus on the place, based on “helpful” comments made to me when people find out that I am moving there, seems to be a mixture of “Ew, traffic, smoggy, terribleness.”  Well, haters, you are only partially right!  Based on the expertise only obtained through a total of 6 days spent in the vicinity, I can tell you that LA is more like “Yay, beachy, food, driving around a lot.”  Which, I like those first three, so I am counting myself as officially excited.

    As for Blake’s job?  Well, I don’t want to be too specific on this potential job loss creator (aka, blog), SO I will just say he got a great job with a large company that does something involving toys.  Too obvious?  Probably.  But I mean, come on.  His office is basically a mirror image of my office except substitute the stultifying combination of spreadsheets and calculators with an amazing variety of toys and colors.  So yeah.  Life is fair.

    2)       What about you!?  Are you going to find another job?

    Well of course, curious public.  They don’t just give away graduate degrees here at the fine institution of Vanderbilt.  And of course, LA isn’t known for being a cheap place to live.  So, it’s back to the job search for me.  I have had some success, but nothing definite at this point.  Part of me wants to just wait until we are out there, because  – let’s be serious here, Blake has had two years of Friday’s off and giant quantities of time in December and various other weeks, and I’m jealous.  So you know.  Maybe I wait.  Probably I don’t.

    3)       When are you leaving? 

    Here is the best part.  Blake and I have decided to take YET ANOTHER trip through Europe this summer.  I would say that our previous four week trip was on the top of the list of best ideas we’ve ever had (along with getting married, not killing our dogs, and buying a new sewing machine), so a plan to attempt and recreate a version of that trip was soon developed.  Our plan involves more time, but the same amount of dirty cheapness.

    Our plan is this:

    • Nashville → Dallas
    • Dallas → London
    • London → Dublin
    • Dublin → Prague
    • Prague → Krakow
    • Krakow → Vienna
    • Vienna → Budapest
    • Budapest → Slovenia
    • Slovenia → Croatian Coast
    • Croatian Coast → London
    • London → Dallas

    I don’t know that there has ever been a more excited person in the history of the world forever.

    4)       How DO you do it all?

    Not telling.