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  1. Giant Marshmallows and Chip Sundaes

    March 12, 2012 by Kristi Knight

    I think most everyone is familiar with the feeling, “why didn’t I invent that?”  Usually, it follows the discovery of some new invention, so simple in its purpose and also insane that it wasn’t discovered previously.  Typically, when I come across one of these new things (typically food in my case, because that’s all I really care about in life), I get a little annoyed – why do I never have good ideas?  I spend all my time watching two dogs find increasingly hilarious ways to fall asleep (seriously) when I could be coming up with the next giant marshmallow!  GIANT MARSHMALLOW!  That’s right up the alley of things that it would be possible that I might invent.  Or chip sundaes!  A little less likely, on the Kristi invention front, but still something involving both food and deliciousness – two things of which I am well versed.  Stupid dogs, ruining my life.  I think I might making this a running blog topic, but there is also the chance that I forget about it and never post anything about it again.  But let’s ignore that for now, and talk about giant marshmallows:


    What is a giant marshmallow?  WELL.  It is a marshmallow that is giant.  Made specifically for s’mores.  Here is the thing.  I love s’mores.  Love them.  I am trying to think of what I would be willing to trade for a marshmallow at this moment in order to illustrate my undying love of the s’more, and I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing that I WOULDN’T trade.  They were featured at my wedding (well, the reception, but I WOULD have featured them at my wedding if Blake was just a little bit cooler.)  However, here’s the deal with the marshmallow portion of the s’more goodness – the normal size jet puff marshmallow is just TOO small.  Typically, I end up roasting two marshmallows at once in order to get the correct marshmallow to graham to chocolate ratio, which is a difficult endeavor.  The marshmallows never roast evenly, resulting in one ‘mallow with an un-melted middle (THE WORST) at the same time that the other ‘mallow is making a slow descent towards the flame (or the stove top, if you are me.)  Well, some genius (I like to think of this person as an alternative world me) was probably sitting around a campfire, doubled up on the ‘mallows for the optimal s’more ratio thinking “There has to be a better way to do this.”   And there was!  Simply double the size!  Suddenly, your marshmallow ratio is in compliance!  There is no heart rendering choice between under cooking and over cooking – no lost soldiers charring in the fire because you were trying to hold on just a little bit longer to let the slow cooking ‘mallow brown up.  It’s ingenious.

    For comparison purposes - normal, wimpy, way-too-small 'mallow compared to giant, perfectly-sized, amazing 'mallow



    While on the previously mentioned trip to Asheville, NC, I discovered a store named “The Gourmet Chip Company.”  At first glance, I dismissed this “chip company” as an ice cream store.  Logical?  Well, not really – but it is telling that my mind connects all chips with those of the chocolate variety.  However, after scouring the internet for restaurant suggestions, I soon realized that this “chip company” did not specialize in various flavors of chocolate chips BUT had taken the concept of the Belgian fry and turned it into an even more delicious potato chip version!  How genius is that?  Everyone loves chips.  People also love delicious cheese or herb toppings.  Together – an amazing chip sundae.  They even have some sweet options, with plantain chips and chocolate powder with caramel sauce.  I mean, really?  What is there not to love here.

    Yeah, that's right. Three orders. And all equally delicious.